Tips to Make Your House Sell Fast

Spring is right around the corner, and with its arrival, many homeowners are looking to sell their houses and make a move. To optimize your selling experience, here are some tips from Frank Failla, a Long Island licensed real estate agent from Select-A-Home/Island South Realty in Merrick, on how to prepare your house so that your realtor can show it to its best advantage.

  • Make the outside of your home something to look at. No one expects new siding or a renovated porch, but make sure your front door is nice and clean so a prospective buyer waiting outside gets a good first impression. For an extra touch, a dab of linseed oil will shine up a dull threshold.
  • Check that your window coverings are freshly laundered, with nothing unpleasant lurking behind them.
  • Make the beds, and use attractive spreads if possible.
  • If any decorations are needed, now is the time to put them into place. You don’t need to redecorate the house when you’re planning a move, but little touches to make a room appear more pulled together can go a long way.
  • Be sure to fix any dripping faucets and broken glass or doorknobs. If a potential buyer notices these ignored maintenance issues, he or she is likely to assume there are other hidden problems that were not properly attended to.
  • Keep your stairs clear during appointments. Objects on stairs give a careless appearance and can pose a hazard.
  • Keep pets penned or in the yard when showing the house. At worst, some people will be annoyed by an animal making noise or getting in the way. At best, the people who don’t mind the animals will be distracted from their purpose.
  • Keep the house quiet. Turn off the television or radio when prospects are in the house to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Tidy up the property, including the porch and garage. Make sure no garbage is laying around.
  • Don’t apologize for appearance or condition, as it may draw attention to something that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • A house for sale should be shown by the salesperson. He or she knows what the client wants and can steer conversations, whereas a seller may inadvertently say the wrong thing.
  • If at all possible, have as few people in the house as you can during a showing. Keep it neat and tidy, without extra bodies shuffling around, making noise and taking up space.
  • Make sure all light sockets have bulbs. The prospects want to see, and you want the prospect to see a well-maintained house.
  • Don’t try to sell furniture to a customer before the transaction is completed.
  • Don’t discuss any terms of the sale with the customer. Always refer to your realtor or salesperson to do the talking.

With these easy tips, a seller can make the best impression possible on a potential buyer, encouraging a quick and easy home sale transaction. If you would like to learn more, or are ready to sell your Long Island home, call Frank Failla today at 516-644-3751 or use the contact form on his website to send him an e-mail.

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